Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Majlis Sumbangan Kebajikan Sempena Hari Deepavali 2012 dated 4-11-2012


on 4-11-2012

President Lion Chua Boon Tow & President Lioness Tan Hwee Noi led the 5 members of Lions

  & Lioness Clubs of Simpang Rengam attended the ”Majlis Sumbangan Kebajikan 

Sempena Hari Deepavali 2012” held by the Simpang Rengam Indian Community Welfare 

Association at The Hall Of Taman Rekamas 3 on 04-11-2012. Member of Parliament for 

Simpang Rengam YB. Liang Teck Ming sponsoring & presentation of foodstuffs to aid of 

the160 India poor families in Simpang Rengam for this project. Lions club donated RM 300 &

 Lioness club donated RM 200 (total amount of RM500) 

 in support of “Majlis Sumbangan Kebajikan 

Sempena Hari Deepavali 2012”.


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