Monday, October 29, 2012

出席南马黄梨园九路的道路开幕仪式dated 27-10-2012

Our club members led by president Lns Tan Hwee Hoi were invited by pekebun pekebun kecil to attend the Opening Ceremony (on 27-10-2012) of the only limestone road in the pineapple plantations by Member of Parliament for the Simpang Rengam YB Liang Teck Meng. 

 Member of Parliament YB Liang Teck Meng, OC of the ceremony & a group of energetic lionesses led by President Tan Hwee Noi have a group with pekebun2 kecil.

  ' Lioness serve too' 

 YB Liang Teck Meng deliver his speech

 Member of Parliament YB Liang Teck Meng noted the problems face by pekebun pekebun kecil


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