Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anti- Gambling Seminar 防赌,戒赌醒觉讲座会暨分享会 dated 30-10-2012

 Lions & Lioness Clubs of Simpang Rengam jointly done the project with Presbyterian Church Simpang Rengam & PIBG SJK(C) Tuan Poon. About 430 participants including 381 school pupils, teachers, Lions & Lionesses & parents of pupils. The seminar was presented by The Gamblers Rehab Centre of Malaysia. The aim of the seminar is to advice pupils not to have gambling habits & create awareness to teen-agers. The Seminar is done with great success follwed by a fellowship lunch with the school headmaster, teachers and Rehab Centre speaker & assistants. 8 lionesses participated.

Venue : SJK(C) Tuan Poon


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