Thursday, January 17, 2013

Visitation to pineapple plantation with Zone 19 Clubs members (Zone 19 joint project) on 11-01-2013

Venue: Southern Malay Tian Poo & Hwee Noi's 
pineapple plantation Jln 9
OC : Lioness President Tan Hwee Noi
About 30 Lions, Lionesses & Leos visited the pineapple plantation at Simpang Rengam on 11-01-2013 with DG 308 B1 Ln Chan Hoi & his lady & CS Ln Stella Foo. We enjoy eating the fresh pineapple. Thanks OC Lns President Tan Hwee Noi to make this trip a great success. We have a happy day & good fellowship with members from Zone 19 clubs.


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