Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Visitation & donation to Handicapped & Disabled Home at Kluang on 24-12-2012

Our club members led by President Ln Chua visited The Handicapped and Disabled Association State of Johor at Kluang on the Christmas Eve to donate 10 units of pillows & 10 units of mattress sheet & pillow cases.
拜访居銮残缺人士慈善协会. 新邦令金狮子会会长蔡文涛及女狮会成员一行人在圣诞佳节期间, 拜访了柔佛州居銮残缺人士慈善协会,并捐赠该协会所需的枕头及床单,并移交由结盟会新加坡嘉德文华狮子会所捐赠的玩具。


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