Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Celebrate Merry Christmas - Provide lunch & dinner to elderly at Kluang Miriam Home on 24-12-2012

10 members from Lions & Lioness Clubs of Simpang Rengam visited Kluang Miriam Home with 7 youths to celebrate Merry Christmas with the elderly. The youths performed dancing & singing. Our clubs provided lunch & dinner for the celebration.
与玛丽安老院长者 共庆圣诞佳节. 新邦令金狮子会会长蔡文涛及女狮会会长陈惠莲与成员们,在圣诞佳节期间,为居銮瑪丽安老院内的长者,献上关怀与温情,并共同欢渡佳节的喜庆。除了为院内的47名长者准备了丰富的午餐与晚餐外,也安排了来自新邦令金长老会的7名青少年,为他们呈现圣诞节歌舞的节目,让他们也能感染温馨的佳节气氛。


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