Monday, April 1, 2013

Participate in Region 8 & 9 fund raising carnival dated 24-03-2013参与援助新山狮孑会洗肾中心基金慈善嘉年华

 Regions 8/9 Lions clubs organised fund raising carnival in aid for JB Lions renal care foundation and managed to raise a total sum of RM 35,000 for the centre. Roar..roar..roar
Lions & Lioness clubs of Simpang Rengam contributed 300 units pineapples & 300 units sweet corns. Lions President Chua Boon Tow, Treasurer Ln Tai Teck Hock & Ln Julia Yap were at presence to sell out all the pineapples & sweet corns & we raised RM 945 for this function. 


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