Saturday, August 25, 2012

Attend Birthday buffet of Lioness President & her Grandson with YE Renaud Heine on 19-08-2012

Venue: Restaurant Shangerila Pontian
OC: Lioness President Hwee Noi  

Lioness President Tan Hwee Noi & her grandson celebrated their birthday on 19-

08-2012 at Restaurant Shangerila Pontian. Lions & Lionesses with family 

members were invited. We were joined by YE from Belgium. Lions President Lion 

Chua Boon Tow happily dance on the stage. We had good fellowship & enjoyed in 

the celebration. A big thanks to President Hwee Noi for the delicious buffet 


 Lioness President & her grandson have a photo with 
President Lion Chua Boon Tow 

 President Tan Hwee Noi & her spouse Lion Tan Tian Poo


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