Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blood Donation on 02-01-2011

Venue:Klinik Kesihatan Kechil
Simpang Renggam

The blood donation drive was jointly carried out by Lions & Lioness Club of Simpang Renggam with the Hospital Kluang, Hospital Pantai Batu Pahat & local NGOS at Klinik Kesihatan Simpang Rengam.
It started at around 9.00am and successfully ended at 3.30pm. A total of 109 bags of fresh blood were collected. 134 intended donors were registered but only 109 bags were accepted.
Lions & Lioness Clubs of Simpang Rengam sponsored 1200 units of eggs to the blood donors. Mineral waters were sponsored by the jointly Ngos. Refreshments were provided.
A big thank to Hospital Pantai Batu Pahat for joining us to carry out the project . They provide Blood Glucose Test, Blood Pressure Test, Body Mass Index and Cholesterol Test to the local residents and also gifts were given to the successful blood donors.
Apart from that we must also not forgetting the support & participation from Lioness Club of Simpang Rengam. Our Lioness IPP Lns Lee Soo Hong is brave to be one of the successful donors. Seven (7) lionesses participated & Three (3) of them stay until the last minute (3.30 pm) to clean the clinic and happy for the job well done.
Lioness in charge is Lns Ng Lian See
Members attended : Lns Julia Yap (S), Lns Lee Soo Hong (IPP), Lns Moo Yin Lan (MD), Lns Ng Lian See (D), Lns Lee Ah Gin, Lns Woo Jock Boey & Lns Gunasundari


IPP Lioness Lee Soo Hong is the successful donor
accompanied by Lions & Lionesses

Cholestrol Test done by nurses from Pantai Hospital


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